9 oz. Sailor Soap (ss)


Sailor Soap in the 9 oz. oblong container is our flagship size. We purposely used an oblong container to keep it in place on a rocking boat. 9 oz. will give you up to 2 months supply before reordering. Highly concentrated with rich Aloe Vera, Australian Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils, Sailor Soap is pH balanced that allows it to lather in salt water. No need to use fresh water. Normal soap won’t lather well in salt water. Captains of sailing cruises guard their fresh water when guests want to bathe. Using Sailor Soap is easy. Stand on the swim platform and use the ocean water. A small amount on your wet hand and a rubbing action brings on loads of suds, enough for face, hair and body. 100% biodegradable. And now for the best part, you can rinse off using salt water – not the boat’s fresh water supply. Pat dry and go on to your next adventure. No salt itch! This product was developed by a Professional Skin Care Specialist to gently clean and protect your skin. Remember, protect your skin from too much sun exposure and salt water irritation. Use Sailor Soap products.

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